Lucana Eye Serum

Lucana Eye Serum


For most women, the aging process can be difficult. Issues like fine lines and wrinkles, makes most women opt for options like botox or surgery. But they certainly do more harm to your skin than any good benefit. The alternative option to protect your skin and also a safer one is using a proven anti – aging product.

One such product that is currently being celebrated among women for its ability to provide wonderful results is the Lucana Eye Serum .  A solution that can preserve and revive your youthful complexion. Here is everything that you need to know about this anti – aging cream so you can decide the best for your skin.


Lucana Eye Serum is an injection free solution for younger and radiant looking skin with a better emphasis on the eye area. It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, and rejuvenates your skin for a smoother and gorgeous appearance. Moreover, since the product is a skin serum it easily absorbs into your skin than a standardized skin cream. The Lucana serum tightens the dermal matrix, eliminates the blood originating pigments responsible for the dark circles and local inflammation around the eye.


  • MATRIXYL 3000 : The peptide in this serum acts as a messenger which regulates the cell activity. It also promotes soothing of wrinkles by interacting with the key receptors. It also helps in toning the skin and brings elasticity .
  • EYELISS : It is used as a global treatment to reduce puffy eyes. It also firms, lifts and diminishes the appearance of bags.
  • HALOXYL : It helps in local inflammation and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Haloxyl is a natural skin element which enhances the skins ability to heal.
  • DIMETHICONE : This moisturizer creates a protective barrier for the skin and is a rich fruit extract antioxidant that combat aging signs.
  • WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT : It is a unique herb that clarifies and hydrates skin by sealing I moisturizer.
  • CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA EXTRACT : It is a powerful plant extract which contains active Flavonoid and Essential Oil that helps in softening the skin.

All of the above ingredients used are natural. You can easily apply this serum without thinking about any skin rashes or allergy.


Before investing on something all of us want to be sure about our investment. We will only look for our profit and would not want any sort of loss after investing on the product. Here are few of the benefits of using the product:

  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Relives puffiness
  • Reduces the effects of wrinkles
  • Safeguards from skin damage
  • Works as a potent moisturizer
  • Firms and strengthens the skin
  • Lightens the dark circle
  • Prevents premature aging

So , to conclude this serum is a wonderful option for all you ladies there who wants to stay young and beautiful and get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.

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