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Great looks is something that everyone craves for. However, due to excess pressure and stress, along with the daily pollution, our skin often gets affected, leading one to have a dull and tired skin, which when not treated properly may lead to the formation of wrinkles and other signs of the ageing. To combat all such unwanted signs of ageing, has come the all-new world-shattering name BellaVei.

One Product for all Ageing Signs

BellaVei treats your wrinkles and other signs of ageing in miraculous way. It makes your skin look smoother, supple and younger. With the help of it, you can now keep others wondering about your age. With its extensive range of products, you can combat all the ageing signs in a faster and a safer way. The company aims to treat you in a minute way. Hence, it has under it four products that treat your skin sensitively, giving you a healthy, glowing skin. The products that it offers are mentioned in the following.

  1. Face Cleanser helps you to cleanse your face from within, thus giving you a brighter complexion.
  1. Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer Cream helps you in removing those wrinkles and fine lines, preventing your skin from being affected from the daily stress and pollution.
  1. Anti Wrinkle Complex assists your skin to look much younger than your real age. From crow’s feet to fine lines, this product deals with the signs of ageing in a sensitive way.
  1. Eye Cream helps in reducing dark circles and puffed eyes, thus enabling you to shine with your eyes.

All the products of BellaVei are composed of essential nutritional elements that help you to have a younger and a glowing skin. The anti-wrinkles products along with reducing all the signs of ageing also boost up the collagen production of your skin, thereby giving you a younger and a healthier skin. For men as well women this name is something that one can easily rely on.

Natural Way for Younger Look

The ingredients present in products of BellaVei are completely safe. Some of these ingredients are

  1. Shea Butter- A great ingredient present in these products, helps in the diminishing or wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of ageing in a natural way. Along with that, it also helps in moisturising your skin.
  1. Evening Primrose Oil- This ingredient is really beneficial as it helps in fighting acne and other kinds of skin disorders.
  1. Grape Fruit Seed Extract- This natural ingredient facilitates in cleansing your face in a natural way. In addition, it lends a hand in giving relief from mild irritations that you suffer in your skin.

BellaVei would be an excellent choice for all kinds of skin problems as it comes up with all the essential products in conjunction with the most effective ingredients in order to convey you a healthier and younger looking skin within a short span of time. Getting younger and radiant skin is now all easy. Flaunt your attitude only with Bella Vei. So, wait n more and grab it now!

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Biogeniste Skin Care

Gift Your Skin a Younger Look!

But how?

As you grow older, your skin tends to lose its former glow and with it, you tend to let go of your confidence gradually. But you have the solution to stop it right away now! Yes, you heard that right. Now it can be possible with the new anti aging serum biogeniste skin care product, which will not only eliminate the age marks from your face but will also add a glamorous look to it. You are bound to see the changes almost instantly! Sounds unbelievable? Well it never hurts to try once. You always have the option to leave this if you are not satisfied.

Biogeniste skin care

Working mechanism of BioGeniste:

To believe the effect you have to know how the serum actually works and what all function it performs. Biogeniste skin care product not only removes wrinkles but also benefits you by restoring dermal matrix, smoothing expression lines, and improving hydration of the skin.
How it actually works is that it stimulates the matrix layers of the skin. The matrix layers primarily consist of the primary collagen and fibronectin.  Loss of collagen is the sole reason why your skin gets thinner and more britytle day by day thus ending up in wrinkles. Due to stimulation by this formula, the elasticity is retained and the natural part of the ageing process is reduced due to the presence of Matrixyl in the serum.Not only Matrixyl but also the presence of Lipopeptides repair the damaged skin and fills it so that it does not get damaged further. Lipopeptides are fat dissolved in amino acids. Now you do not have to spend hours doing make up to cover up your age marks.

Other Benefits of Biogeniste Skin Care Product:

If you are worrying about its side effects then please do not. None of the key ingredients is chemical, that is these are totally organic ones. So if you are thinking that the chemicals in this formula may harm you then you can rest assured as no such thing is likely to occur. Now getting a side effect free anti ageing serum is a great catch, isn’t it? What’s more! It is totally user friendly and it keeps your skin engulfed in a protective layer so you do not have to use it often and only one time usage is sufficient.

Besides, the pores and freckles that pester you every time you look at the mirror is no longer going to irritate you as because biogeniste skin care product eliminates this too.
Direction of Usage:Biogeniste skin care

You have to follow just three simple steps to make this formula work best on your skin.
Step 1 Wash your face with cold water and dry it out using a soft towel. A soft one is necessary because remember your skin is the most tender part of your body.
Step 2 Apply the BioGeniste cream on your face, and massage it gently for about 30 seconds.
Step 3 Let the formula absorb in your face before you apply anything else. The absorption time is about a minute. Now watch out how your skin glows and your confidence lurches back!

Biogeniste skin care


Lumera Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum

It is time to say goodbye to the myriad of misleading advertisements that do no good but come with badgering questions and false promises. Lumera, an eye anti-wrinkle serum is a highly reputed and mostly recommended product that is trusted by dermatologists. Instead of glib ads and endorsements by celebrities, it relies on its beneficial properties, which work wonderfully on the wrinkles around the eyes and reduces them to a large extent. For women who have lost their night’s sleep to worry and work stress, it is time to switch to eye serum. Its healing components are side effect free and skin-friendly. Hence, one can safely rely on it for eye care. With bright, happy eyes, one is sure to look younger and beautiful.


Benefits and Beauty:


Lumera has been developed after years of research and its unique combination of key ingredients aid in establishing a most essential balance in the skin hydration besides reduction and prevention of wrinkles around the eyes. Combatting crow’s feet, tan lines, fine lines, loose pores, drab skin are the benefits of the eye serum. One need not worry about tired, dull eyes. Safe fordaily usage, itensures skin hydration, keeps discolouration at bay and revives skin, giving it a younger look. Skin is moisturised, rejuvenated and blessed with a glow from within. Benefits can be seen with use within a short duration of time itself.


Unlike most skin care products, this does not come with a large kit. It is easy and convenient to use. After cleaning the face and neck and patting it dry, Lumera should be applied gently with fingertips and massaged for 30 seconds around the eyes. For best results, it should be left over night. Its non-greasy formula can be rinsed with water easily and does not lead to oily skin.


  • Grape fruit extract: It cleanses the skin, removes dead cells, skin toxins, dust particles and hence prevents clogging of pores of the epidermis.
  • Almond oil makes the skin soft and younger-looking. It nourishes the skin.
  • Pepha Tight: It is clinically proven to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles from forming around the eyes.
  • Gatuline: It is the chief ingredient and serves to eliminate wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • Echinacea, Lavendox, and Unitamuron H-22: Enhance the anti-wrinkle properties and aid in repairing the skin by increasing collagen and elastin levels of the skin.

Why this Brand?

It counteracts the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates the dark circles, lifts sagging skin around the eyes, and firms the skin by tightening of pores. Not only does it reduce inflammation owing to accumulation of fluids leading to eye-bags but it also cuts down pigmentation. Under-eye skin is rendered supple, tender and firm. The wrinkles are considerable reduced within a few days too. Skin is enriched with nutrients and blessed with long-term effects. Using Lumera for a prolonged period of time fetches wrinkle-free skin that is radiant and devoid of signs of uneven skin tone.






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